Coloring Fimo with Magicals with Cynthialoowho♥

Fimo Clay Roses
You can color your Fimo with Magical Mica’s, you must use Magical’s as they have pigment in them.
Here I’ve chosen Ramblin Rose Pink Magical & Oakleaf Olive
Add a small amount to your clay and mix well.
Here is the clay after being mixed next to the white Fimo.
Make pea size balls, then flatten them.
I used a stamp block.
Start molding your rose! Here I just turned one side inward to create the bud.
Add your petals and overlap one side. To create a spiral of petals.
Once your petals are in place cut the excess at the bottom and keep to color for the leaves.
Here I added Oakleaf Olive Mica, I wanted a soft green so I used a mica.
Here are 3 pellet’s I made to create the leaves.
Now cut your leaf shape with some jaggity edge deco scissors.
Draw the veins with something pointy.
The instructions on Fimo soft say to bake @ 230 for 30 minutes.
Here is my finished Rose with leaves.
Thank you for sopping by for another
“Technique Tuesday with Cynthialoowho”

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