Fantastic Designer Friday with Yvonne Melendez

Hello to all of our Blog Buddies! 
This is Yvonne (aka ScrapBliss) and I have a little project 
I want to share with you today.  
Here is my card… the first is with indoor lighting and the second is outdoor:
For this project I used my Magnolia mermaid stamp, 
Watercolor paper, paintbrushes, 
and Lindy’s Stamp Gang Starburst in Nantucket Pearls.
All of the Nantucket Pearls have a soft, barely-there pearlized shimmer.
The collection is comprised of 5 colors:
Whale Watch Blue
Cape Cod Coral
Clam Bake Biege
Sea Grass Green
Salt Water Taffy
For this project I used all but the Salt Water Taffy.
Cape Cod Coral for her hair & blush.
Clam Bake Biege for her *skin.
Whale Watch Blue for the scales.
Sea Grass Green for the sea.
* I wanted less pearlizing on her skin, so I didn’t shake the bottle before using.  I let the 
pearl powder sit at the bottom and just used it for color.

On a recent trip to Virginia Beach I purchased a starfish and thought it would give this
card the perfect finishing touch.  But it looked a bit dull…
…and definitely need a little extra magic…
Lindy’s Magic Moon Pearls was just what it needed!
Wow! Much better, don’t you think? LOL!
Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you’ll be back soon!
Big Shimmery Hugs & Sparkly Kisses,


2 thoughts on “Fantastic Designer Friday with Yvonne Melendez

  1. This is so beautiful; your colouring/painting of the image is perfection. Love the colours, design and embellishments – so, pretty much everything really!Alison x

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