Our Differences – a Mixed Media painting with Nolwenn

Hi there !

I’m so happy to share with you my first project as a Lindy Stamp Gang’s designer.

I am an intuitive painter, my creative process is so that I never plan in advance what will go on my canvas. I start with an intention, sometimes some words are already in my mind.


My usual surface of choice is wood panel because it can take a lot of abuse: I can easily monoprint on it, glue paper, press hard with my tools, and it is simply a natural texture I really love. Here, I used a 8×10 panel. My first layer was made with acrylic paint I applied on my Gelli Plate with a brayer.

I’ve been wanting to try the Starburst sprays with my Gelli Plate for a while, and it went pretty well. All the darker areas in the painting were made by monoprinting my wood panel with the spray on my plate. I love the unexpected results you get this way.


It added a subtle layer, despite the fact that the darkness of Amaryllis Burgundy. The shimmer is simply amazing.


I saw kind of a desert landscape happening, with mountains were the Amaryllis Burgundy appeared on top of my orange acrylic paint. And that amazing teal (my favorite color of them all). I also saw the perfect spot for a big Moon, on the right top corner.

Then, I knew I wanted a stacked Moon. I love how whimsical and unusual she looks. I used Starburst sprays in contrasting colors: Teeth Chattering Teal, Witch’s Potion Purple (I think one of my favorite color to date), Afternoon Delight Denim, Gregarious Grey, Mission Bells Brown. I misted them on a sheet of white cardstock and heat set them with my heat gun.


Once dry, I started tearing each color into rough circles. I started with the one I wanted to be on top and from there torn bigger and bigger circles until I had the look I was looking for. I rarely use scissors so all the circles where hand torn.

One of the lessons I am currently learning in my creative life is quite simple but so hard in the same time:

Let it come to you. Whatever it is.


At first, I tried to sew them together with my sewing machine but it didn’t work as planned, so I decided to do it by hand. It truly was a blessing in disguise: I was able to do a pretty design I could not have done with my machine and decided to dye my hemp cord with a gorgeous Starburst shot (Grab A Guy Gold), it compliments perfectly the stacked papers and adds this shimmer I love.


The shimmers of the Lindy Stamp Gang products are just wow-ing me, always have and always will. They add great accent and an extra layer of interest into any painting (any project indeed). This is what makes them truly unique.

I love to use the shots to splatter over my paintings and my art journal pages. For this painting, I used an old toothbrush: I dipped it directly in the Starburst. I decide to define the watery bottom more, with Delphinium Blue. It totally changed everything.


I am trying to be better at drawing, and what emerged from this painting was totally unexpected and stretched my creative wings a little bit bigger.


I love the message that came from it. Next time, I will try to use the Magical Micas and Glazing liquid to write.


I hope I inspired you to get your paints out, and to play with all that the sprays and shots have to offer for your Mixed Media joy 🙂

Here are the products I used:




  • Gelli plate, Golden Fluid Acrylics, brayer, wood panel, Stabilo All Pencil, Oil pastels

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