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Today, I am sharing something a bit different: mail art ! This is our September project over the year long class I am in, True Free Spirit (lead by the talented Mindy Lacefield), and I really wanted to add this je ne sais quoi that Lindy Stamp Gang brings to anything it is added to.


I always work on several paintings/creations at a time because there is nothing more boring when in the Studio than waiting for paint to dry. AND, switching back and forth allows me to let my intuition rules over my head.

I love Mixed Media because it allows me to explore plenty of different supplies, and to mix and match them however I want. This is what I did here, using Starburst Sprays, Flat Fabio sprays (the ones without the shimmer), embossing powders, Magical Micas and glitters (and of course, the Starburst shots are my whole time favorites to create shimmery droplets). {You will find the complete list of the products I used at the end of this blogpost, with links to the shop}

Tray Mate

Inspired by Irina’s last project, I tried her technique of applying embossing powder onto wet paint. I loved the randomness of it all, as you don’t really know where exactly the powder will stick and where it won’t.
Using the Tray Mate made my life way easier, and it’s great to use when applying glitters as well, as you’ll see in the video.


When I lifted some of the wet paint by using a rubber stamp, and then applied the Desert Moon Turquoise embossing powder all over, none went where the stamp took some paint; I then applied some magical mica (my favorite teal: Tibetan Poppy Teal) in the crisses.
I love using the Magical Micas as a kind of watercolor paint (this is how I approached it in the wheel I did on what of the cards): you can play with the opacity by adding more or less water, and more or less powder. You need very little, so your jar should last quite some time.


Droplets make my heart thing, and when they are shimmery thanks to the Color Shots, my heart flies far far away with joy. Saxifrage Olive Copper is a great example of what makes our products unique: they are two-toned !

Did you know that you could use your embossing ink with glitters ? I did not before trying for this project: I really wanted to use them with a rubber stamps and this is how trying the embossing inked popped into my mind. I first tried on a scrap piece of cardboard (the one I used to mask off when stenciling), it worked so I went for it ! This is opening so much doors in my newly found love for glitters. Our glitters are really fine, which makes them quite versatile.


16x9_DSC_1634 16x9_DSC_1635

I love that the three of my mail art are so so different from each other. I will probably gesso the back and write my personal message there 🙂
What you don’t see is that I applied varnished, to protect it from bleeding and moving around (especially the glitters).

Ok, enough words ! Here is the video, I hope you’ll enjoy watching my creative process:

Here is the supply list for this project (click on the image to see their descriptions):

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