Faux Verdigris or Patina Background

Uh oh – I think I’m in love with another technique!  You’ve all seen me use salt on projects before to achieve unique patterns, well today I’m using it to add a pattern and texture to make a faux copper verdigris patina created with Lindy’s Stamp Gang Products.  I think I’ve hit the product combination spot on to create a realistic faux version of verdigris – have a look and let me know what you all think – did I get it right?

In case you’re not familiar with it, Verdigris looks a little like this, you’ve probably seen it around…


or this

Well this is what mine looks like….

Faux Patina created with Lindy's Starbursts
Faux Patina created with Lindy’s Starbursts

What I used:

What I did:

  1. Cut card to size and lay in a flat tray (yes you need to cut it first in most cases).
  2. Spray generously with Cattail Copper Brown until card is covered, no white showing.

    Cattail Copper Brown
    Cattail Copper Brown Starburst
  3. Add larger rock salt crystals and then sprinkle the finer table salt in patterns to mimic veins in rock, then spray with more Cattail Copper to build up the shimmer.

    Add Salt
    Add Salt
  4. Add drips of the Teeth Chattering Teal (which is an opaque white based spray), by both spraying and adding drips on top of the Cattail copper

    Add Teeth Chattering Teal
    Add Teeth Chattering Teal
  5. Spray the Delphinium Turquoise on top of the white and let the colours mix a bit.

    Add Delphinium Turquoise
    Add Delphinium Turquoise
  6. Using eye dropper add concentrated drips of Tibetan Poppy Teal and disperse any that are too eye catching with water

    Add Tibetan Poppy Teal
    Add Tibetan Poppy Teal
  7. Splatter on some of the Toto’s Tornado Black

    Add Toto's Tornado Black
    Add Toto’s Tornado Black
  8. Leave to air dry overnight for best effects.
  9. Vigorously brush salt crystals off with fingers (you can leave a few of the smaller ones on there if you like) and your background is ready to use.  Please note – not all of the salt can be removed, some will have dissolved and reformed within the paper, so don’t be too worried if there is some salt remaining – this just adds extra texture – just remove the loose bits.
    Faux Verdigris background side

    The raised texture is from the salt
    The raised texture is from the salt

I hope you like this idea – I adore the colours and how these turned out to be so natural and organic looking.  Now if you are wondering what to do with these backgrounds now, you could use it on a card or die cut elements to embellish your art – I’ve done both on the card below.

Banner, wings and background use Faux Patina
Banner, wings and background use Faux Patina

So what do you think, how did I do at recreating the look of verdigris or patina?

May your day sparkle, and don’t forget to check out the clip of this background being created over on our YouTube channel!  


15 thoughts on “Faux Verdigris or Patina Background

  1. It looks so real I can’t believe it! Loved watching the video, that does make it much more understandable. I def. will try this out. Hugs Frea

  2. Kate, you have created yet another fabulous technique! I love this faux verdigris and will definitely try it soon. I hope your birthday was as awesome as you are! =^..^= -mary

  3. Such a cool look! I am here because I wanted to send some love to LSG for donating their products to Kate for part of her wonderful birthday giveaway over at her blog! Thanks to LSG and Kate for their generosity!

  4. You did good 🙂 A pity to cover so much of it up! Point taken about glossy accents, I wonder if pressing into versamark pad then clear EP might work for the wings.

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