An Owl Art Doll with Mary Brockway

Hello, Everyone!!

I gotta tell ya, I’m over-the-moon to be joining you with my first post for Lindy’s Stamp Gang!!

Today, I bring you a quirky, little art doll. 🙂


How fun is he??  He’s made of canvas, a bit of felt, LOTS of Lindy’s, and Love.  My daughter affectionately calls him ‘Mr. Smarty No-Pants’.  ‘Smarty’ because owls are known for being wise, and ‘No-Pants’ because—well, have you ever seen an owl in pants??

I gotta say, I’m a fan of Lindy’s on canvas now!  The color stayed super bright even after I drenched it with about a gallon of water.


If you wanna see how he came together, you can check out my video over on the Lindy’s Stamp Gang YouTube channel HERE.


Finally, here’s a close-up along with a list of all the product I used…

Frozen Jack Frost Starburst Spray

Wake Me Up Before You Go Gold Starburst Spray

Cheshire Cat Cherry Starburst Spray

Ramblin’ Rose Pink Starburst Spray

Wild Honeysuckle Coral Starburst Spray

Toto’s Tornado Black Flat Fabio Spray

Mango Mania Flat Fabio Spray

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

xx Mary

6 thoughts on “An Owl Art Doll with Mary Brockway

  1. This is really beautiful Mary! Such a great way to use the mists and create something super, super, SUPER cute!!

  2. oooooh girl you do so totally rock!! this is awesome! and the colours are sooo funky!! I love love love it!!!!!
    huge hugs and congrats!! xxxxxxx

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