As time goes by canvas

Hi all, it’s Lizzy today. I want to share a canvas I did inspired by a song that means a lot to me, “As time goes by”. I know many of you have special songs and listening to them or just thinking of them you can find so much inspiration, I invite you to try.

Lizzy Wurmann


Lizzy Wurmann

Lizzy Wurmann

I also have a video tutorial on how I did this canvas.


Industrial Chic Spray

Embossing Powders:

Oakleaf Olive

Caesar’s Gold

Hyacinth Blue Jade

Angel Wings Jade

Dandelion Yellow Green

See you next time!!

6 thoughts on “As time goes by canvas

  1. Hi,
    Your piece is amazing. I to find most of my inspiration from music. My most favorite song is “All my life’s a circle” by Harry Chapin. Just finished a wool piece with the words embroidered around the edge. So Your piece made me feel very happy this morning. Thanks. Elaine

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