Tinted Glass with Mary Brockway

Hello!! It’s Mary here, bringing you a simple but lovely way to add a punch of color to your home décor!

With tinted glass.

Yep!  You can use your favorite Lindy’s Stamp Gang products to inject a shot of color into plain, clear glass with amazing results!!

Here’s a peek at what I’ve created…


Every single one of these colorful tealight candle holders were colored with Lindy’s.  I’ve also stained that gorgeous board with Lindy’s, as well!  Dreamy, no??


Here’s a little close-up…


And the money shot…  I love how they glow in the dark!!


Imagine the possibilities!!  Tinted candle holders.  Vases.  Mason Jars for gifts!  Oh, yeah 🙂

I’ve made a video tutorial if you want the ‘how’ and the ‘to’ of how it was done.  And here’s a list of the FABULOUS colors I’ve used!

Greased Lightnin’ Green Flat Fabio

Rizzo’s Rowdy Red Flat Fabio

Mango Mania Flat Fabio

Pineapple Paradise Flat Fabio

Sandra Dee Sepia Flat Fabio with an Old Baldy dauber top!

Well, that’s it for me.  Thanks so much for stopping by today!!

xx Mary

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