Gorgeous Grunge Flowers for Steampunk Project

Hi again – I’m back with another sparkly tutorial for Lindy’s Stamp Gang and today I’m going to show you how to grunge up some flowers!  I was recently working on a project where I was creating a Steampunk Dress-form, it was almost finished but still lacking the WOW factor I was after, so I decided to create some gorgeous sparkly grungy flowers to compliment my project.  There were a few restricting factors: it needed to match items that were both copper and brass, it had to be dark so as not to be the main focus and there needed to be an element, just a hint of colour, so it matched my piece.  This is the process I used to create my darkly scrumptious Grunge Flowers.

What You’ll Need:


Begin by grouping an assortment of flowers together – plain or coloured it doesn’t matter.

Grunge Flowers

Spray all flowers with a light coat of Cattail Copper Brown.

Grunge Flowers 2

Apply a much heavier coat of Cocoa Bean Copper.

Grunge Flowers 3

Pick up each flower and spray the underside as well as the top – ensure a heavy and complete coverage.

Grunge Flowers 4

Lay flat on scrap paper and add a light spritz of Midnight Rendezvous Raven – I sprayed from 2 hand lengths away for a light coat.

Grunge Flowers 5

While still wet, get right up close with a Glitz Spritz of your choice – I used Medieval Gold – and spray petals so you get concentrated spots of shimmer – the closer you spray to the flower the better this will be.

Grunge Flowers 6

The last Starburst colour to add is a misting of Time Travel Teal – this adds a hint of colour and while you won’t see a lot of this, is is important.

Grunge Flowers 7

Leave your flowers to either dry overnight or dry with a heat gun – you may need to glue some of the flowers back together when done as the water and heat can make the glue release.  Now I realise at this point they look VERY dark, trust me, as the water evaporates and the flowers dry the shimmer begins to pop!

Grunge Flower final 1

If you don’t want to waste any of this yummy spray, you can also spray your flowers over a fresh journal page or piece of white card – once you finish the flowers you will also have a completed page or card background ready to dry and use on another project.

Grunge flower final 2

Once dry use your finger tip to add a little metallic wax to the edges of the flower petals, if you don’t have this you could also use glitter or even embossing powder.

Grunge flower final 3

You can watch this whole process on the Lindy’s Stamp Gang YouTube channel.

and how do these look on the finished project?

Well you tell me…..

Steampunk Freestanding Dressform
Steampunk Freestanding Dressform


You can watch these being created below:

May your day sparkle,


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