Introducing Cynthialoowho’s “Totally 80’s” Starburst set!

Introducing “Totally 80’s”!

totally 80's for website3totally 80's

This set has 5 brand new Starbursts!

Bodacious Blush, a perfect Dusty Rose

Gag Me With A Spoon Gray, a bright Sterling Silver

Cowabunga Copper, like a shiny new penny

Midnight Rendezvous Raven, an existing color but one of Cynthialoowho’s favorites. I rich black

Pretty In Pink Pink, another existing color and favorite of Cynthialoowho. A beautiful pink with a silver shimmer.

Matching 2 Toned Embossing Powders

totally 80's ep

Hibiscus Rose Orange EP~ matching Bodacious Blush

Queen Sheba’s Silver EP~ matching  Gag Me With A Spoon Gray

Cleopatra’s Copper EP~ matching Cowabunga Copper

Midnight Pewter EP~ matches Midnight Rendezvous Raven

Cosmic Pink Blue EP~ matches Pretty In Pink Pink


totally 80's magical1


 Magicals are a unique product containing a powdered pigment stain that activates with water, with a burst of mica shimmer for ooomph!!

This collection includes:

Bodacious Blush- the perfect antique rose

Gag Me with a Spoon Gray- soft gray with silver shimmer

Cowabunga Copper- just like it’s name, this copper will blow you away, dude!

Midnight Rendezvous- deep rich black with a pewter shimmer

Pretty in Pink Pink- one of our most popular pinks with a silver shimmer

Each pot contains a combination of our beautiful micas, a specialized powdered painting stain system and a fixative, (so they are an all-in-one product) that is acid-free. The combination of the mica and the painting stains give them that amazingly vibrant look, but still have our signature two-toned look. These are truely MAGICAL! COLLECTIONS COORDINATE WITH STARBURSTS PERFECTLY! Please note: Dry product does not represent the actual color, you must add water to activate the rich, vibrant color of the magical.

And matching Glitter


These are specifically made to match our Totally 80’s set in Starbursts, Embossing Powder and Magicals and are now in perfect 1/4oz sizes, so there’s not too much & still enough to play!

1/4oz jar  (the same jars as our magicals)

Bodacious Blush

Cowabunga Copper

Gag Me With A Spoon Gray

Pretty In Pink Pink

Midnight Rendezvous Raven

Our glitter comes from the Art Institue Gliter fine art glitter which remains unsurpassed in quality. See and feel the difference! Ultrafine, microfine,
chunky and flake glitter are mainly cut from polyester films that are so thin you cannot see the dull side
of the cut. Some of the ultrafine opaque colors have a mix of metallic glitter in them also. All polyester
glitter is acid free and safe for wearing on skin.

Totally 80’s is available in a Mega set and maybe soon an epic set!

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Cynthialoowho’s “Totally 80’s” Starburst set!

  1. When I first saw this set I didn’t think I would like it but after seeing it demonstrated I really like it. I have always loved Pretty in Pink Pink and all the new colors look great. Now I can’t wait to get the set.

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