Quick Christmas Cards With Mary Brockway

Hello!!  Mary here, and I come bearing cards.  LOTS of cards!!

Sparkly cards.

Christmas cards!!

I almost always find myself in need of a card—most often, I need that card quick.  Here’s a few I’ve whipped up to help fill those last minute holes in my Christmas card list…



They may seem simple, but the Lindy’s sparkle takes them over-the-top!


Aaaaannnd, not only are they quick, but super easy to create in every color of the rainbow!


Here’s a peek at how they came together…

And here’s a quick rundown of the Lindy’s product I’ve used:

Time Travel Teal Starburst

Green With Envy Green Starburst

Autumn Maple Crimson Starburst

Sweet Violet Purple Teal Starburst

Wake Me Up Before You Go Gold Starburst

Ok, that’s it for me!!  I hope you all have a safe and wonderful end to 2013.

xx Mary

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