Imaginarium Designs and Lindy’s Stamp Gang Blog Hop

Welcome to the MASSIVE Imaginarium Designs and Lindy’s Stamp Gang Blog Hop!We are so excited to have the team at Lindy’s and Imaginarium Designs team up for a full day of creativity.

This hop will surely get your creative juices flowing so head on over to all these incredibly talented crafters to check out how they’ve combined the beautiful products from Lindy’s Stamp Gang with Imaginarium Designs fabulous chipboard, it’s a match made in color heaven!

We have a great prize for you too!

We would love for you to show some love to all our crafters and leave them a little message

You will have the opportunity to win a fabulous prize by both ID and Lindy’s Stamp Gang so please let us know that you have done so by coming back to Lindy’s Stamp Gang & ID blog at the end of the hop.

Below you will find the full list of incredible artists and their fabulous creations!
  1. Amy Voorthuis –
  2. Denise Boddey –
  3. Evgenia Sokolinskaya –
  4. Ingrid Gooyer –
  5. Kaori Fujimoto –
  6. Karen Zueger –
  7. Louise Nelson –
  8. Sandrine Dawesn
  9. Maiko Miwa –
  10. Natalie May
  11. Julianne McKenna-De Lumen –
  12. Patricia Basson –
  13. Sarah Routledge –
  14. Shell Carman –
  15. Solange Marques –
  16. Cindy –
  17. Nolwenn –
  18. Ivett –
  19. Irina –
  20. Lynne –
  21. Mary-
  22. Limor
  23. Lindy’s Stamp Gang  –

30 thoughts on “Imaginarium Designs and Lindy’s Stamp Gang Blog Hop

  1. Thank you so much for the chance to win your challenge,I have left a message on everyone’s blog,everyone’s projects was so beautiful I m very happy I stop by there blog…thanks

  2. I was idly browsing and saw a project made with Lindy’s Stamp Gang products, which looked pretty neat! I am not familiar with the products, so I went to the blog here and ended up checking out the hop. I love the colors!

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  4. Enjoyed each and every blog…quite a variety of styles! Did have to figure out how to leave a comment on some of the international blogs…I THINK I did it right – LOL!

  5. Amazing hop ! Evgenia’s post is not up so I will try again tonight but I really enjoyed the blog, great ideas! Some beautiful and many different styles of art. Thank you inspiration!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you – what a wonderful blog hop. These wonderful ladies did an amazing job of showcasing their awesome talents and the wonderful products of Imaginarium Designs and Lindy’s Stamp Gang products. I am now bursting with new ideas for pages and embellishments! Must go scrap ….

  7. Beautiful projects! Everyone is so talented and there was lots of idea and inspiration! Thank you for hosting this hop!

  8. Amazing hop. Limor’s LO and Cindy’s hat just left me gasping. I mean, what a gorgeous hat from a plastic bowl. Wow…. Evgenia’s post is not up so I will try again tonight but I really enjoyed the blog, great ideas! Gotta get some of your embossing powders, they look amazing!

  9. I absolutely loved playing along with this inspiring blog hop! There were so many gorgeous creations along the way. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  10. So many great blogs! I kept forgetting how I came to be there and almost got lost a couple times!

  11. I left comments on all blogs. I recently did my first order from you, and the sprays are beautiful. I’ll definitely be ordering again.

  12. i did the blog hop. my 1st 1 and it was so neat to see so many diffrent ideas. Thanks for my first hop.

  13. Great bloghop! some posts are still not up but what I did see was pure eye candy! I loved it all! Definitely starting a new project! Thanks for a great trip!

  14. Some beautiful design with awesome Lindy’s products…there were a few that isn’t posted yet…thank you so much for the hop….it was a lot of fun …..

  15. Great bloghop so far. Only found 12 blogs with post up so far. Guess I was alittle to eager and started to early, lol. Will come back later for the other 12 blogs. Some beautiful and many different styles of art. Great inspiration and showcase on how versatile Lindys and ID chipboard can be used.

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