Valentine’s Cake & Plate by Lynne Woolgar

Hi everyone,

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Yes, it’s almost here, and today I have a special home decor piece for you, made with Lindy’s Embossing Powders and Starburst Sprays……

004And closeups……


Love using the embossing powders on this piece!!


A few flowers to finish it off.


Are you hungry yet? Want to know how I made this with Lindy’s Embossing Powders and Starburst sprays? Of course you do…..

Pretty cool, isn’t it!! Now you try it!!!

Embossing Powders:

Hibiscus Rose Orange

Razzleberry Plum

Spring Leaf Chartreuse

Oakleaf Olive Gold

Magic Moon Pearls

Starburst Sprays:

TiffanyLou Blue

Cadbury Milk Chocolate



Thanks for watching!!


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