Another Color Challenge Inspiration piece by Limor

Hi Everyone!!
I love this month’s Lindy’s Stamp Gang Color challenge so much I decided to create another page!!

I was playing around with the sprays and some watercolor paper
I had some Rubbing Alcohol beside me so I grabbed a dropper and started squirting some drops on my paper.
Isn’t the effect amazing!!!!
I waited until it dried on it’s own before creating the rest of my page.
Tune in this afternoon for a quick video tutorial on how to create this Live 😉
Products Used:
Ponderosa Pines Olives
Bachelor Button Blue
South Shore Sand
Thank you for looking!
Limor Webber

2 thoughts on “Another Color Challenge Inspiration piece by Limor

  1. I love using the alcohol like this. I’ve been doing it for some time and can’t stop experimenting. If you think it;s great on watercolor paper try using it after you spray on a shiny paper. It does all sorts of neat things. Spray any Lindy’s on a shiny paper and then drip alcohol on top and let dry without moving it, I will sometimes spray another color on top of the alcohol. Like I said, I just can’t stop experimenting. As soon as one idea looks good I think of something else I could do with it. It’s really addicting. Sometimes I have to use my extra long tweezers to uncurl the paper but it usually works anyway. You only have to stop when you have every available flat surface covered with drying pages. Even if it doesn’t look very good when it’s wet it usually becomes gorgeous when it dries and sits a while. Now, can you tell me what I can do with all these papers I’ve painted. I have hundreds of them – large and small. HELP!!

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