Under The Boardwalk feature with Limor Webber

I may always say this however for this moment, is my absolute favorite set! I don’t know if it’s because it reminds me of amazing summer memories or the bright yet creamy colors simply make me think of fluffy clouds, cotton candy and a nice cold Ice Cream float!

When I first came up with these colors it was in the dead of winter and all I needed to think about was summer. In those coming months I traveled to several warm places to teach and they all had a bit of a theme….Water, ice cream, cold drinks and a beautiful boardwalk. That was one of the things that made Under the Boardwalk come to life!


This photo was taken in Sydney at Lunapark as it’s one of the places that helped me come up with this fabulous set!

What you’ll notice about this set and the Tres Chic set is that it’s not like any other of our sets. I wanted these colors to be bright yet I needed them to be creamy and not chalky. You’ll find that when they are wet they are a little brighter than when they dry. When they dry they tend to get a white undertone which makes the colors so warm and inviting.

I made both Tres Chic and Under The Boardwalk interchangeable. What I mean by that is that these two sets are incredible when mixed together. You’ll notice I used Bonjour Butter Flat Shot which is the yellow from the Tres Chic set to bring out those stars mixing it with clear gesso to create an Acrylic paint.

Here are a few more photos of this layout in a bit more detail:

IMG_9239 IMG_9240 IMG_9242

I hope you enjoy this set as much as we do at Lindy’s Stamp Gang


Thank you for stopping by!

Limor Webber

5 thoughts on “Under The Boardwalk feature with Limor Webber

  1. Love the colours – and oddly enough when I saw the range I instantly thought of our recent family trip to Melbourne where we spent an entire day at Luna Park there.

  2. This is incredibly beautiful!!! I absolutely love working with these colors Limor. Your layout is simply divine!! I also thought bout using ferris wheel photo!! Perfection!!

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