Create Your Own Resist Background Tutorial with Kate

You may have noticed that I LOVE to use beautiful resist cardstock designs in my art, I may be a tiny bit addicted!  The reason that I love this is because it looks simply stunning when used in combination with Starburst Sprays from Lindy’s Stamp Gang!   The problem is that the patterns I have purchased are not always available anymore, so what can you do – well why not make your own, it’s quick, simple and allows you to have exactly what you want!

First you will need to gather a few supplies:

  • Pale or clear embossing powder, I’m using Lindy’s Stamp Gang Angel Wings Jade
  • White or light coloured card with a super smooth finish
  • Waterproof Stamp Pads: I used Ranger’s Archival Ink in Watering Can & Jet Black
  • Versamark Watermark ink pad (or equivalent clear sticky ink)
  • Assorted stamps – some with fine details (I like text stamps and swirls) and others with bolder designs.

To Create the Resist Background Card:

Step 1:  Ink fine detail stamp using light grey (or colour of your choice) waterproof ink and stamp across the surface of your cardstock.

Make your own resist 2a

Step 2:  Ink script stamp in black, stamp off onto scrap paper (to lighten) and then stamp onto card.

Make your own resist 2b

Step 3: Ink bold stamp using Versamark ink and stamp across the surface of your cardstock, you can do this over the whole piece of card – or just certain sections depending on the look you are after.

Make your own resist 2c

Step 4:  Cover watermark ink with embossing powder, tip excess back into jar and heat with embossing gun/tool to set.  I used Lindy’s Stamp Gang Angel Wings Jade

Make your own resist 2d

and the finished result is an elegant looking resist card with a beautiful subtle shimmer,
ready to use on your next project!

Make your own resist 2e

Hmm – a little plain for you?  Want to jazz it up a little?  Well if that’s the case here’s the Sparkle Tart version of this technique with a little more color and sparkle of course!

What I used for the Resist Background:

  • Lindy’s Stamp Gang Embossing Powder in Madonna Robe Blue Gold
  • Ranger Archival Ink Pads: Aquamarine & Deep Purple
  • Versamark Watermark Stamp Pad
  • Stencil from Memory Box: Flourish
  • Stamps:  Journey from Red Lead Paperworks, Flourish Plate from Green Pepper Press, and a reversed DaVinci script

Step 1: Choose a color combination (this needs to work with your finished piece,
so it’s best to know what you want before you begin) and then choose an embossing powder, that with will either match or compliment your ink colors – I’m using Madonna Robe Blue Gold.Make your own resist 2g

Step 2:  Like the original version, stamp a fine detail stamp (I used a flourish) in a pale colour, and then add text in a darker colour.

Make your own resist 2g

Step 3: For a bolder resist design, try using a stencil and applying the watermark ink to your background THROUGH the stencil.

Make your own resist 2g

Step 4: Cover with embossing powder, tip off the excess and heat with an embossing gun/tool.Make your own resist 2g

You end up with this gorgeous background with colour and sparkle.

Make your own resist 2g

I’ve decided to create a cute and funky card using my background, I’ve kept to the same colour theme that I used to create the Resist Background – purple, aqua and white.

What I used to colour the card elements:

 I’ve sprayed my custom resist background with Starburst Sprays in Tea Pot Purple and Blue Hawaiian Blue and then patted dry with a paper towel.  Isn’t that colour stunning!

Make your own resist 2g

I’ve used Embossing Powder from Under the Boardwalk set: Pop Rocks Purple and Tilt-a-Wheel Teal, to coat some metal flowers (teal blue) and the adorable bird charm (purple).  I’ve coloured the paper flowers, wooden hearts and material feather with Flat Shot in Pop Rocks Purple and Starburst Sprays in Tea Pot Purple and added a hint of Blue Hawaiian Blue to the center of the feather.

Make your own resist 2g

 My finished card looks like this, I love how well the Lindy’s colours work together!

PS – those NEW embossing powders I mentioned are not transluscent like the others,
these look more like enamel and are completely opaque!

Make your own resist 2gPlease Note: without the special two-toned embossing powders from Lindy’s Stamp Gang you will not get the shimmer on the embossed design like I have on my samples, though you will still get a pretty result.

Enjoy playing with this technique and remember to try spraying your Starburst sprays over the top for a stunning background!

Kate Palmer

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  1. I love this card Kate. I noticed you used a product from Red Lead. I just discovered them and bought my first item. What a great site. As always you are very inspiring.

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