Two NEW Flat Magical Sets!!! Tres Chic & Under the Boardwalk

Hello everyone!

We are so excited to share with you TWO NEW additions to our newest product line release “FLAT Magicals”. We’ve released this week two different collections of this product:

The Tres Chic Set

and The Under The Boardwalk Set

The first release of this line was two weeks ago, and which consisted of two different sets: the Caribbean Cruise Flat Magicals Set, and the Hawaiian Islands Flat Magicals Set.  With the two new set additions, we add more color variety to the Flat Magical Line! So fun, right?!!

Like we told you back when we released the first two sets, if you already know and love the the Magicals in our product line, you are going to really enjoy the Flat Magicals. The original Magicals are a very unique product made up off a powdered pigment stain that activates with water, with a burst of mica shimmer for oomph! The Flat Magicasl are just that, except they have just pure, vibrant color, and NO shimmer. They have an amazingly rich look, and each set coordinates with its coordinating spray set. They contain a fixative, and are acid-free too!

Just like with our regular Magicals,  the dry product in each of the Flat Magical pots does not represent the actual color. You must add water to activate and release their rich, true, vibrant color.

We hope you enjoy them, and can’t wait to see what you create with them. I encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter (click HERE to subscribe). There’s an exclusive project using these which we will release in this week’s newsletter, and you don’t want to miss it, or any of the awesome things that will be shared exclusively there for subscribers. Until next time!


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