Technique Tags with Lizzy

Hi paper lovers! It’s Lizzy with you today.

Believe it or not, I was sraying and embossing tags for this tutorial and they were so curled (I didn’t want to wait) that I decided to iron them. The ones with no embossing powder were flattened up with no problem at all. When I started with the emossed ones….oh no…..the embossing powder was transferred to the paper I placed over the tags to iron them.

Inmediatelly I Googled if someone had had the same issue. What a surprise!! I found videos with the “Batik” tecnique that I’m sharing with you today.

Batik tecnique

Brown and teal


Teal and brown

 For the final touches I added the hanger, a few sequins and liquid pearls



 This is a close up of the pattern paper I did


After ironing


This is another tag I made as well:Lizzy Wurmann G


 Also added a few sequins, liquid pearls and the mini domino pieces to this tag



Supply List

Embossing Powders 

Angel Wings Gold, Angel Wings RubyMorning Glory AzureTilt-A-Wheel Teal Embossing PowderCosmic Pink BlueDandelion Yellow GreenJack O’Lantern OrangeStarbright Gold GreenPumpkin Fiesta OrangeStarbright Gold Green


Hag’s Wart OrangeMarigold Yellow OrangeGossamer GoldPineapple ParadiseYellow Rose of Texas


Hope you enjoyed our post today. Until next time!


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