Recycled Kraft Colored Card Tutorial by Kate Palmer

Hi there! It’s Kate. Today I’m going to use some recycled/kraft colored card that I’ve saved.  Now this may be the inside of a cardboard cereal box, the backing from a paper pack or the last page of a calendar – all things you would usually throw away — well after this you may be looking at these items as craft supplies!

What I’ve Used:

What I Did:

Gather your yummy supplies, your favourite Flat Fabio sprays from Lindy’s Stamp Gang
and some recycled or kraft colored card.LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-1

I love these new Lindy’s sprays that are made on a white base – they were so soft and subtle on the recycled card.  Begin by spraying each color randomly over the card, one color at a time.LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-1

Keep adding colors until the piece of card is completely covered.

LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-1

To add a little interest, flick some droplets over the coloured card – these will leave water marks and add to the look of your background.  Aren’t these colours so beautifully soft and subtle on this!!!LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-1

While your background is drying, tear some strips of white card (I used left overs from other projects) and spray with EXACTLY the SAME COLORS of Lindy’s as you used on your background.

What a difference on white!!!

Then go and grab a cuppa and wait for everything to dry.

LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-1

 Ink up your stamp with a soft grey ink and randomly stamp bits of the image on to each of the colored strips.  Also stamp one extra image using black ink on plain white card (you will want to cut out parts of this later).LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-6

Now have a play and arrange your colored strips on the pastel background.  Overlap the colours and make sure you can see a little of each peeking through.LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-6

Once happy with the placement, use Matt Medium to glue everything down.

LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-6

Grab some Light Molding paste and put a little on a non-stick surface, then add a tiny amount of Lindy’s Stamp Gang Magical powder to the molding paste and mix very well, I used Sandra Dee Sepia.LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-6

Lay a stencil over the background, I chose a stencil that replicates the pattern on my stamped image.

Using a small palette knife scrape the colored molding paste through parts of the stencil to create a scruffy looking image – don’t cover everything and leave heaps of the color showing.LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-6

Once this is dry, use a cotton bud / q-tip to apply some gold wax paste to your raised design.  This will add a lux-touch and make the colours more prominent.  Apply carefully and slowly so you get a crisp design.

LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-6

Color your left-over stamped images using coordinating colours of Magicals, attach to your background with foam padded tape and coat with Glossy Accents – to really make them shine.LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-6

Once everything is dry, mount onto some coordinating cardstock and you have a versatile, relatively simple pretty card – made with garbage!

I even used a little left over color to color up my wooden word charm.

LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-15

 I love that the Lindy’s products coordinate so beautifully, just by using them on different materials.LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-24

Subtle – but so pretty, and that’s how to make your garbage sparkle…

LSG - Sprays on Kraft Card-15

 Hoping I’ve inspired you to hunt for some of that recycled card you’ve been saving for ‘something’ 🙂

Kate Palmer

7 thoughts on “Recycled Kraft Colored Card Tutorial by Kate Palmer

  1. Just lovely, Kate!….. I really like how those bright colors looked so soft on what you called “kraft”. I’ve probably got 60 colors of Lindy’s sprays and magicals, and now it looks like I’ll be needing more, LOL! 🙂

    I do have one question about your recycled paper…. to me, “kraft” color paper is more like brown paper bags, but you mentioned the “inside of a cardboard cereal box” or “the backing from a paper pack”….. which to me are more gray, like chipboard. So… since monitor colors differ, is your “kraft” color more brownish or more grayish?? Thanks!

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