Organizing your Lindy’s by Lizzy Wurmann

Hi Lindy’s fans, it’s Lizzy with you today!

I want to share a few tips on how I organize my sprays, based on a YouTube video I saw a while ago organizing inks. I normally sort them by color, but in this particular case I wanted to show how many different colors look together.



For each color I spray one manila tag, one 2″ x 2″ white cardstock square (to put on the plastic sheet which is a coin organizer), 2 circles of the same papers and one white round sticker for the bottle. As you can see, I also label each color using a labeler but you can just write the color on your square if you prefer.

20141031_0017 copy

I find the little circles are easier to manage when I want to combine colors. The reason I spray a manila tag is, that the color looks different on manila than over white, and I use lots of tags in my projects, so its convenient for me to have a swatch of the colors on that material as well. If for example, you use a lot of kraft paper in your projects, you could do a similar thing, but instead of manila, use kraft paper, and you’ll have easy access to how your colors look on your most favorite materials to use while creating.

Chart2 copy



I use a coin organizer sheet, and round mailing seals, manila tags, a label maker, and white cardstock as my materials. You can find all those items at your local office supply store and/or online. Super fast and easy way to inventory the colors you have. If you have a large collection of colors, it might take a bit of time to get all the swatches done, but all the time you’ll save after having everything organized, is so worth the effort!lizzy6

I hope you find my tips useful for your own product organizing, I know it makes finding the perfect color I need for a project so much easier!

9 thoughts on “Organizing your Lindy’s by Lizzy Wurmann

  1. She used round sticky labels that already come with the adhesive. You can find them at your local office supply store 🙂 Glue dots will also be a good option to glue cardstock swatches on the lids as well.

  2. Thanks for the great idea Lizzy. May I ask how you adhere the circle to the lid of the bottle? This is something I have tried to do many times, using different adhesives, but they always pop off again. Thanks in anticipation. Helen

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