Celebration Cup Tutorial By Tina Connolly

Hello everyone, it’s Tina here with a celebration cup I created for a friend of mine. Some of the ones you see in the shops are very expensive, and I wanted to create something personal as a gift.

It does need to be cleaned with care, and I suggest a very gentle washing of the outside and pat dry with a soft tea towel. Here’s a tutorial on how I decorated it:

 1. Mix a small amount of Magicals with Gloss Gel Medium on a palette or piece of plastic.  I only used around a tablespoon of Gel Medium to create this project.

Mix the Magicals (Tibetan Poppy Teal) well, and ensure the colour is an even consistency.


 Apply coloured Gel Medium through a stencil on the lid, and around the sides of the glass.  This was quite difficult, and I recommend using a small stencil with a pattern that doesn’t need to be “perfect”.  I worked in small sections, and heat dried the gel before moving onto the next section.



 Ink metal flower with clear embossing ink.  Sprinkle Morning Glory Azure on the outer edges of the flower. 

Sprinkle Aurora Amethyst in the center. and then heat emboss.


You’ll have lovely colours, which blend across your flower.  Repeat this process with metal leaves and other flowers.

Ink the stem and base of the glass with clear embossing ink, sprinkle desired colours, and heat emboss. Attach metal embellishments, and gold edging using gel medium, and allow to dry.


Thanks for joining me today, I hope I’ve inspired you to go create something beautiful!
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3 thoughts on “Celebration Cup Tutorial By Tina Connolly

  1. Make sure you share some pics with us on facebook if you do, I’d love to see what you create.

  2. Oh WOW! Tina!!!! This is FABULOUS! Thank you SO much for this inspiration! GORGEOUS piece of art! I might have to make one for my BFF! : )

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