Fabric Collage on Wood by Lizzy Wurmann

Hello everyone!

It’s Lizzy with you today, sharing a video tutorial of this fabric collage mounted on wood. It was really fun to create, and I hope after watching the video with all the details on what I did to create,  you are inspired to make your own version of it!

Here is the sewn collage before adding the final touches:



Wax copy

Supply list:

From the Sweet Treats- COLOR SHOTS I used TiffanyLou Blue

From the Autumn Leaves- SIDEKICK SHOTS I used Incandescent Copper

Golden Sleigh Bells

I hope you enjoyed this video tutorial! Until next time!


Lyzzy Wurmann BlogPIC

One thought on “Fabric Collage on Wood by Lizzy Wurmann”

  1. Love this collage Lizzy! Love how you used the wax paper. I also loved seeing you use the color shots! So inspiring!

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