Kid’s Mixed Media Class Canvas Tutorial by Natalie May

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Natalie May here sharing an 8×8 canvas that I’m teaching for an upcoming Kids Class here in Adelaide.

We are right in the middle of School Holidays here in Australia and teaching kids classes is one of my favourite things to do.

I regularly teach a Kids Mixed Media class, and it is one of the most popular classes we run during the holidays.  I love that children are willing to have a go, and put aside perfection for having fun! Plus its a perfect opportunity for them to get a little bit messy!

This project will be for them to put up on their wall or on a shelf. It’s super cute and I cant wait to share it with them.

1. Apply some texture paste to the canvas using a mask, and dry with a heat gun.2. Glue a thick paint brush to the canvas, paint it with gesso, and dry. Once dry, add some texture paste in and around the edges of the brush, and then apply some clear micro beads and allow to dry.3. Glue on some wood veneer letters.

4. Spray around the edges of the canvas with Cape Cod Coral

5. Now add some spray in various shades of purple… starting with the darkest at the bottom, and then layering to the lightest so that you get a fade out of the purple. You don’t want to go over the coral completely.
6. Take the lid off the coral, and use the nozzle to add a more intense colour to the top of the canvas and allow it to drip down.

7. Next, I sprinkled on some Cosmic Pink Blue Embossing Powder, and heat set – this gave it a beautiful shimmer all over the paint brush

8. I used Dimensional Magic to give the alphas a little shine

9. And lastly add some flicks of white paint from a Sharpie Marker just to give it a little dimension.

Here are some close ups of the finished canvas.

I cant wait to teach this, and see what amazing colour combinations the kids come up with!

Lindy’s Products Used

Witch’s Potion Purple Spray

Tea Pot Purple Spray

Pop Rock Purple  Spray

Cape Cod Coral Spray

Cosmic Pink Blue Embossing Powder

Other Products

Imaginarium Designs Mask

Studio Calico Wood Veneer Alphas

White Sharpie

Martha Stewart Micro Beads

Chromacryl Texture Paste

Have a great Day!

Natalie May

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  1. Your project turned out wonderfully – love all the colors! I bet the kids will have such a fun time!

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