Decorative Bottle by Svetlana Lisitsyna

Hello everyone! This is Svetlana Lisitsyna, and today I will show you how I make decorative bottles! This art object will be a great addition to your interior decor. Make it fun and enjoyable! The main thing is to let the imagination loose, turn on the music, and create!

Pointe shoes and flowers – the embodiment of femininity.



I used the January 2015 Limited Edition Spray Set.

Pop Rock Purple
Jazzy Jivin’ Purple
Tea Pot Purple
Cape Cod Coral
Don’t Eat Yellow Snow (in the Winter Wonderland Set)

 Please enjoy the video tutorial!
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6 thoughts on “Decorative Bottle by Svetlana Lisitsyna

  1. WOW – you’ve turned this bottle into a gorgeous and elegant piece of art! Thank you for sharing the video tutorial. I’ve been saving bottles to one day try to alter a bottle – but I’m pretty sure I will run out of bottles before I have anything that is even near your exquisite bottle.

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