Ombre Embossing and more with Kate Palmer

Hello everyone!

Today I have two simple techniques to share, use them together, or apart to create stunning embellishments for any project.  So go and grab your Lindy’s embossing power and Magicals and join me in creating something gorgeous!

LSG Valentines Day Card-6
 To Recreate This Card You Will Need:

Lindy’s Stamp Gang Products:

Other Products:

  • Art Extravagance – Texture Paste
  • Studio Calico – Wooden Hearts
  • Chipboard or wooden word
  • Micro Beads – Gold
  • I Am Roses – paper flowers
  • Stamp
  • Versafine Onxy Black Stamp Pad
  • Versamark Watermark Stamp Pad
  • Eclipse 100 Card – White

Ombre Embossing Technique

Begin by choosing two colours of Lindy’s embossing powder, I chose Candy Cane Red Gold and Razzleberry Plum.  The colours should be similar in strength to achieve the ombre look,  eg: a medium red and medium pink.  If you pick a dark blue and for example silver,  it will still be beautiful – just not ombre.

LSG Valentines Card 03 wm

Coat your chosen embellishment using Versamark Watermark ink.
This will work on wood, chipboard or metal.
LSG Valentines Card 03 wm

Cover the ink in one colour of embossing powder.  If one colour looks slightly lighter than the other, then begin with the lighter colour.
LSG Valentines Card 03 wm

Tap off the excess and heat the powder until raised and shiny.  This first layer is essential in creating the ombre look.  By covering the entire embellishment, the second colour will spread and create a variety of ‘tones’ and allow the two colours to blend together.  If you only added one colour to the top and another to the bottom for instance, you wouldn’t get the same beautiful blending of colours.
LSG Valentines Card 03 wm

While embossing powder is still warm, add the second colour to either the top or bottom of the embellishment – NOT BOTH.
LSG Valentines Card 03 wm

LSG Valentines Card 08 wm
Heat the second colour with a heat gun and while still warm, repeat the previous step.  You may need to add up to three layers of the second colour to achieve the colour gradation that is the ‘ombre’ effect.
LSG Valentines Card 08 wm

After a few coats, you will have a soft, graded colour, like below.
LSG Valentines Day Card-1

 Super Shiny

This creates a stunning rich colour on chipboard or wood embellishments.  Use the ‘Straight from the Jar’ technique to add colour to your embellishment.  As you can see I used Magicals in Poinsettia Red.

LSG Valentines Card 08 wm

Allow embellishments to air dry or hurry the process along with a heat gun.
LSG Valentines Card 08 wm

Once completely dry, cover the embellishment with a dimensional gloss.
LSG Valentines Card 08 wm

While the glossy accents is still wet, sprinkle in a few micro beads.
LSG Valentines Card 08 wm

Once dry the glossy accents enhances the colour of the Magicals, see how vibrant the hearts are!
LSG Valentines Day Card-1
Add a touch more Lindy’s to complete the card.

LSG Valentines Day Card-1

It’s slightly early but Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our beautiful Lindy’s lovers  oxo

Kate Palmer

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  1. Wow, both techniques are wonderful and I will be giving these a try. Your card is lovely and elegant – and thanks for sharing!

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