“Treasure” Scrapbooking Layout Tutorial by Stephanie Papin

Hello everyone !

Did you hear? There is a beautiful new coloful palette for this month to play! Have you seen the vibrant colors ?

There is a mix of light and dark colors, and I confess to you, this is just  all what  I love! Here is a layout inspired by those colors, I hope it can give you  some  ideas of how to play with these colors together. The colors are available for purchase together in a set for a limited time only. Once February is gone, so will this set. You can get yours by clicking HERE.

As always, on my layout, there is  a minority of papers, and I have mainly worked with the inks to add colors, and texture.  I attach great importance to colors, that’s why I pay specific attention to the choice of my photo, and this one was perfect for our palette of the month : light + dark +blue/green and a touch of peach/pink … I had already all the ingredients  at the beginning of my  work.

Here on this layout, all  the colors are applied with a soft brush, pure or diluted with  water. 

I had fun making the ink drip here and there, to add a fun dynamic to the layout. Please take a little time to watch  my video, as what I did is shown in detail there.

Thank you for stopping by, and see you soon in a few days  for more inspiration!



5 thoughts on ““Treasure” Scrapbooking Layout Tutorial by Stephanie Papin

  1. Stephanie thank you very much for a fascinating video. I love the layout and enjoyed so much to watch you create the layers on the background. Thanks a lot.
    Hugs from Monica…cspain

  2. Kathy, many thanks for your lovely comment! That’s why the color inks are powerful! ‘POWERFUL’ because they have a remarkable result but also because they are part of the essential tools fore background work ! hugs

  3. Stephanie,
    When I first got to your blog, I viewed your lovely layout. After watching the video, I saw it in a different light – still gorgeous – but the way you put it all together with thought to the colors used – keeping your picture going back and forth – I could actually see the picture (without the lovely little girl) just in your background – does that sound crazy – the colors in the background – were almost exactly the colors of the picture – I was just in awe. And, the flowers and embellishments were just a topping to the perfection of the layout. Thank you so much for sharing the video.

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