Venetian Plaster Journal Cover with Lizzy Wurmann

Hi friends, it’s Lizzy with you today, sharing a technique I’ve learned in a few online courses using Venetian Plaster, which is plaster mixed with marble dust (It’s meant to be used on walls and ceilings). Mixed media has captured the beauty of the multiple finishes it can create,  so I “needed” to try it. I will also show you in the video tutorial how to make these feathers using bandages impregnated with plaster.







Here’s my video tutorial:

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6 thoughts on “Venetian Plaster Journal Cover with Lizzy Wurmann

  1. I missed the part about the plaster….is it a pre-mixed item or did you make it? If you made it, what is it made of? Sorry, but my video player isn’t the best. Thanks.

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