“Dream” Layout Video Tutorial by Stephanie Papin

Today, it’s my turn to show you another  project  inspired by our March Color Challenge! I confess to you, this moodboard inspired me a lot, because I love pastel, and sweet colors.

Just before I show you  my project, I want just to remind you that all these colors are available on the site. Look at these sets for this month:

March 2015 Limited Edition Mega Set
And now,  it’s time to  speak about my  project! For my first March tutorial, I made a mixed media layout, with a complete background.
Each time when I use my LSG colors , I have a lot of fun discovering how they mix together . The moment I work on my background with the colors, is precious to me, and it gets more interesting as I work on a different layout, because each time there is something different that goes on . It’s true, I am always in awe, expecting to see what happens in front of my eyes.
When the colors dry, the colors change, brightness appears depending on the chosen color, and the shimmers in the colors become more apparent. It’s always beautiful, and the most wonderful thing is that there is a very large selection of colors  in the shop that can fills us with joy and many possibilities!


Here again, on my  layout, I played a mix of color. I sometimes used water to dilute the colors, or  have added  drops of gesso in the colors. I also used white acrylic paint. It’s also interesting to  bring  another texture on the background, which is why I used the acrylic paint. 
But, please go and watch my video, it’s simply the best way to share how I discover and use my colors on this layout!

Thank  you very  much  for watching in advance, and I can’t wait to see what you can create this month !

See you soon with another project!

6 thoughts on ““Dream” Layout Video Tutorial by Stephanie Papin

  1. Monica, for your questions ,here i give more details : the beautiful resine frame is a Ingvild Bolme- Baroque Farm Resins ;most of the flowers are foim Prima, with the ‘epiphany ‘ collection, and some other, the smaller are from Petalloo, i hope thaht it’s help you 😉 thank you again ! ***Stéphanie

  2. Stephanie I love and adore your layout. It’s so pretty and well composed and does have a perfect balance. Your background is lovely, your flowers are awesome.
    Can I ask if you would please tell where you found that fantastic frame you used for the lovely photo ? Gosh I love that frame.
    I know these videos are made to promote Lindys Sprays and colors. But I would not consider it being a disadvantage if the artist shared what else they used. I really would love to get more information on which dies, frames, chipboard, flowers etc were used.. Please ??
    Thank you for a great video as well.
    Hugs from Monica… Spain

  3. Gorgeous! The layout is wonderfully soft and the flowers perfect. As I watched the video, I see how you softened some of the lovely colors to fit the layout. THank you for sharing.

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