Mixed Media Card Tutorial by Marta Turska-Grochoka

It’s Marta here.
I’ve created a card on white cardstock.
I used some Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays to add color and shine.
I used white cardstock and covered it with gesso.
In the background, I used beautiful shade of beige – South Shore Sand and I’m Late, I’m Late Slate – they’re both Flat Fabios, and they’ve created spots and splashes of color.
 You can see everything step-by-step in my video tutorial.

Here are some close-ups:I also prepared step-by-step photo tutorial, how I’ve created flowers that I used on my card:
Step 1:
I’ve prepared some paper flowers cutted with cutting machine and scrapbooking paper dies.Step 2: I’ve added some water….


Step 3: I’ve put them on a kitchen paper towel.Step 4: In the center of every flower I’ve added a drop of C’est la vie Cerise and Frostbitten Fuschia…
…and a drop of A Bit o’Bubbly and Frostbitten Fuschia.

Step 5:
I’m using flower modelling tools to create proper shape of petals.I’m just pressing them using soft foam mat.

Step 6: Now they’re prepared for putting stamens into the center.Step 7: Just like that. I’m using smaller flower first and I’m putting some stamens to the center of flower (I’m using a piece of wire to pull stamens trough this little hole in the center 🙂 Step 8:Here you can see this piece of wire. Next step: I’m doing the same with the larger flower.Step 9: Tadaaaaa! My flower looks like that.Step 10: In the back of every flower I’m adding some glue. It makes stamens stabilized.

Then I’m cutting stamens “tails” off to glue them to my cards and other artworks. I hope my photo and video tutorials are useful or you.

Maybe you will try to make some flowers? I believe I proved to you, it’s really easy!
It’s a great fun to create handmade flowers and to use them later!
Thanks for stopping by 🙂
Have a great day!

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  1. Your card is beautiful and elegant! And, your flowers were so lovely with the pretty Lindy’s colors. Thanks for sharing your video and tips on the flowers.

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