Altered Notebook By Elena Zemlyanskaya

Hi there! Today I’d like to show you a new project of mine. This time I’ve made a notebook using the colors of our beautiful March palette and products from March set.

In this post I’m going to show you how I made the cover of my notebook.

I started with two cardstock pieces of the same size (10×14 cm)Then I cut two pieces of burlap, a bit larger than cardstock pieces.I laid the burlap on the cardstock and covered it with a thick layer of building filling cement. You should coat the burlap thoroughly, to make the cement go through it and join the burlap and the cardstock. I use acrylic building cement because I like how it looks and works when dried; additionally, this material is pretty cheap 🙂 However, you can use gesso instead.


This is how the half-covers look  when the coating is dried. It is crucial to dry it very well, the best way to do this is to leave the pieces to dry overnight.

You can see some fragments of burlap through the coating, I left them visible on purpose to get this nice texture.

It’s time to have some fun with colors! I used three LSG sprays in my project:

“I’m Late Late Slate”

“C’est la vie Cerise”

“Cape cod coral”

First, I sprayed part of the cover with I’m Late Late Slate

After the spray was dried, I covered my workpiece with some texture paste using the stencil. This stencil reminds me of planets and stars, which is rather convenient as I’m making the notebook with the Little Prince on the cover 🙂Be sure that you dry each medium very well!I decided to imitate stars on the cover. For that, I just mixed some Golden regular gel and gold microbeads.The gel looks white at first, but it becomes transparent when dried, so the microbeads will be well seen.I applied the gel with the same stencil, here and thereHere is a close-up of microbeadsNext step is using “C’est la vie Cerise” (just sprinkle some spray over the workpiece)Next, I applied “Cape cod coral” with a brush (on white spaces of my workpiece)Don’t forget to repeat all the steps on the back coverAs an aditional step, we can use heat-embossing. Just sprinkle some water on the cover and powder it with Cosmic Pink Blue Embossing powderThen heat it with heating tool. Melted powder shines like stars!After that, I applied stamping here and there. I used pigment ink which won’t be washed off with water or paints.Final steps are adding some decorative elements to the front cover. When I make notebooks, I don’t decorate them too much, to keep them convenient to use. In this notebook, I added just some ribbon and lace,…… the picture and some buttonsThat’s it! All you need to do now is to punch the cover, add rings or some cord and insert paper block.

The result looks rather unusual for the notebook, yet inspiring and creative. To my mind, this notebook might attract an artistic and romantic person 🙂 Thank you for watching! I hope you will find my notebook inspiring enough to make your own projects and take part in our color challenge 🙂

Have a lovely day!


4 thoughts on “Altered Notebook By Elena Zemlyanskaya

  1. Just love the way you used the burlap behind but the finished project is so dainty and sweet. Just beautiful. Fantastic color combos and layers. j.

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