“Memories are made of this” Step by Step Tutorial by Stephanie Papin

Hi  everyone! Stéphanie with you today, and it’s always a pleasure to  come back  with  something new to  share!

Here is a new interpretation of this month’s color challenge . Do you  remember ? Yellow, blue, pink, purple and green are our new colors this month.  Here is the layout that I made with my Lindy’s!

I hope you enjoy my layout!
Here are some details about how I made it:

First of all, I always apply a coat of gel medium on my page, just to waterproof my paper , it’s very  important!
I made then a collage of paper, and apply the first texture, here it’s a crackle texture.

Once dry, I  apply another texture with  the same stencil. Here I used modeling paste. It brings in another color.

And once dry, I  begin to add color with my Lindy’s.

In addition to my Lindy’s, I used Gelatos. The texture of the gelatos are interesting, because they are neither solid nor liquid, and they mix well with the Lindy’s.

I stamped with black ink from my marker.

And now comes the MAGIC step with the Lindy’s tamp Gang products :  add some drops of the color on the mix on the stamp!

I repeat this technique several times on the layout.
Use water with a brush to  dilute the design before it dries.

I glue some labels on the layout, and then apply gesso on top.

I also  use the gelato here to  draw on my  layout, and this, just to bring texture. Look at  this color of this gelato : I  used the ‘Cotton Candy”, and it ‘s really  fabulous, my Tilt-a-Wheel Teal  spray  works great with this color.

 With an aquarel brush , I added  some blue with the Tilt-a-Wheel Teal  color on the gelato.

Time now to play with  stamps! I  used a stamp  with a font, and I purposely stamped multiple times to achieve light designs.

For the last step, I took my Lindy’s and added drops of different colors here and there. It’s so much fun to do! 

From left to right:
– I’m Late, I’m Late Slate
– Jarry Jivin’Purple
– Don’t Eat  Golden Snow
– A Bit o’Bubble

  Here are some close-ups,  I  hope you  have enjoyed my process!

Have a great weekend!



5 thoughts on ““Memories are made of this” Step by Step Tutorial by Stephanie Papin

  1. Thank you very much Joiatrr ! i am glad you discover this technique, and don’t wait to try it 😉 it’s also so much fun with the lindy’s !

  2. My lovely Kathy, you are always very kind with me and thank you very muchn i am glad you enjoy this step by step !

  3. This was very interesting and fun techniques to try Stephanie. Your project is lovely. Thank you so much for sharing how to do this. j.

  4. Stephanie,
    Your layout is gorgeous! The way you used your stamp with different mediums on it was awesome, I have not seen that done before and will give it a try. Thank you for sharing the step-by-step on your beautiful layout.

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