Clean and Simple Style Card by Svetlana Lisitsyna

Hi everyone!

It’s Svetlana Lisitsyna with you now. Today I’d like to share with you my new project inspired by the LSG May 2015 Color Challenge. I created a “clean and simple” style postcard.

1. Prepare the basis and background for the cards. Watercolor paper cut into pieces.
2. Soak the sheet of watercolor paper with sprays. I sprayed in a random manner the following sprays Silent Night Silver and Clam Bake Beige, and let them dry.
3. Do the same with another piece of watercolor paper, using different sprays. I used the following sprays Frenchy’s Pink Pouf, Ocean Breeze Blue, Hydrangea Blue.
 Mist water droplets on the colored sheet and blot with a dry cloth.
4. Die cut the feathers. Secured in the groove with adhesive tape
5. Using sprays Silent Night Silver, Frenchy’s Pink Pouf, TOTO’S TORNADO BLACK
   draw a silhouette of a person. I added eyebrows, eye lashes, lips and chin.

6. Write the message on the card using a pen with embossing ink.  Use Embossing Powder in Hollyhock Scarlet Plum over the message and heat set

 7. Join all the pieces with foam tape.


That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and you will put this new  knowledge in practice!
Thanks for stopping by!

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