Inspiring Scrapbooking Memories by Irina Gerschuk

Hi gang!

We encourage our team to spread their wings, fly, and play with our product to their heart’s content. They truly do that each day sharing their talent, and spreading inspiration with their projects here on the blog, as well as on other social media and many other outlets. We are so very proud to have such a talented bunch to inspire you each day using our products.

Today, we wanted to share the great news of  one of  own, who has been published  in several publications lately. Irina Gerschuk, congratulations! We are so happy for you, and couldn’t help but share your news and masterpieces with everyone!

Take a look guys at her beautiful work, and we’d love for you to leave a comment for her below, on what you think!

– Scrapbooking Memories (Aus) Vol.16 №12 – p.36 LO “Life is about to change”, p.52 LO “Always and forever”

– Scrapbooking Memories (Aus) Vol.17 №3 – p.91 LO “Hello sunshine”

– Scrapbooking Memories (Aus) Vol.17 №4 – p.46 LO “Feels happy”

– Scrapbooking Memories (Aus) Vol.17 №9 – LO “Heaven Sent”

– Scrapbooking Memories (Aus) Vol.17 №10 – p.39 LO “Soak up the sun”

SM v16-12

LSG_IrinaGerschuk 7DS_IrinaGerschuk_6LSG_IrinaGerschuk_11 SM 17-3 LSG_IrinaGerschuk_mag17_4 smm17.04_001 LSG_7DS_IrinaGerschuk_21 smm17.09_001 LSG_IrinaGerschuk_27 australian-scrapbooking-memories-vol-17-no-10









































Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today, and thanks Irina for sharing the Lindy’s magic with the world!

See you here tomorrow for a new fabulous project tutorial. You don’t want to miss it!

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3 thoughts on “Inspiring Scrapbooking Memories by Irina Gerschuk

  1. Thank you ladies for you sweet-sweet words)))))
    I’m really appreciate that!!!

  2. This is just FANTASTIC IRINA…. CONGRATULATIONS. Wow – just look at all those projects! Of course, your work is always wonderful. All the Lindy’s DT are so very talented. I feel wonderful to when I use Lindy’s products (although I know I’m really not – still learning!!!). Thanks to all of you for your AMAZING inspirations every week. j.

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