Lindy’s Gessoed Crackle Technique

Hello dear friends! Today we want to share with you another one of Lindy’s techniques!
The different looks you can achieve using Lindy’s Stamp Gang products are really endless, and we will prove it to you! Infinite new ideas which will inspire you to create new wonderful pieces of art!
The Lindy’s products used in this are:

First, get some heavy gesso, and mix it with any Lindy’s spray you like. Our designer Elena Smoktunova mixed hers with Blue Hawaiian Blue.

The spray gave the gesso a new blue shade. It is beautiful!
Next step is to apply the gesso onto the surface you’ll be using for your project. Elena applied hers on a thick piece of cardboard.
After the gesso has dried, get some white crackle paste and mix it with a different spray color. Elena used  Bodacious Blush.
 Next, apply the crackle paste onto your work surface, in thick and random areas. No need to cover the entire piece, as you don’t want it to look even, and you want the previous color to show through. You are going for a distressed look.
After it dries, it should look something like this:
Once the crackle paste is completely dry, get out your Magicals. Pick a color, activate it with water as shown in the next picture below. T-bird Turquoise is what Elena used first.
Apply in random spots of your working surface, allowing for the color to pool and flow in certain areas.
After that is completely dry, take another color of Magical, and do the same process.  This time Elena used Pink Ladies Pink.
Next, get a background stamp or texture stamp, and emboss the background to add even more texture and dimension. Elena chose Madonna Robe Blue Gold.
The embossing takes the background to another level!
Take a different texture stamp, and a contrasting embossing powder, and randomly add more texture tot he background. Elena used Midnight Pewter.
If you feel you need more color, feel free to add a splash of any of the sprays you’ve used for your base. Elena added a bit more of the Blue Hawaiian Blue.
That’s it! The background if completed! The multiple layers of texture and color give the piece a ton of dimension. After that, just embellish your background as you want, and finish off your masterpiece!
Elena did just that, and this was her finished product:
We hope you enjoyed today’s technique and give it a try!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Lindy’s Gessoed Crackle Technique

  1. AWESOME piece !! I have few LSG sprays and have tried very few techniques with them,so Today’s post is very Helpful to me ! I loved the textures and how the colors highlight it even more .Thanks !

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