Fun Mixed Media Project Step by Step Guide by Svetlana Lisitsyna

Hi everyone!  It’s Svetlana Lisitsyna with you now! Today I’ll show you how I made out of the ordinary roll of tape, an interesting art object!
I used black gesso, white acrylic, and the July Color Challenge Palette of sprays.

Here’s what I did:

I cut a cardboard base from the tape roll, and cut out a silhouette from a photo.

Cut small pieces of cardboard to back the tape roll.

Using a variety of stencils, I used texture paste.

Glued a semicircle of cardboard to the base. All parts are coated black gesso.

I put the pieces together, and glued them as I desired them to be.

Protruding parts of the embossing I covered with a little white acrylic paint.

I then brush painted using these colors: Peony Scarlet Red, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Tibetan Poppy TeaI coated chipboard pieces in different combinations of powders: Madonna Robe Blue, Orbit Olive, Bonjour Butter, Midnight Bronze and Madonna’s Robe Blue Gold

I collected decorative embellishments to add to my base. I use natural materials like raffia and sisal, as well a piece of bandage that was stained with sprays. I glued them to the background chipboard.I added decorative flowers, twigs, shells, feathers, wooden elements.

Again, covered with black gesso, white acrylic paints and Lindy’s until I was happy with the look.

I glued down the missing embellishments and photo, and I was done!

The word you see translates to “Memories” in English.

Hope you liked this idea! Thanks for stopping by!
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