Adding Color and Texture to a Resist Canvas using Lindy’s

There are so many fabulous new products on the market these days that sometimes I just CAN NOT resist (pun intended!) grabbing one and having a play!  Today I’m using my favourite Starburst colours to add colour to one of the new range of home decor resist products on the market.

BeYoutiful canvas 9


Lindy’s Stamp Gang Products

Other Products:

  • Cosmo Cricket: beYoutiful canvas
  • Paintbrush
  • Water
  • Large salt crystals
  • Stabilo All Pencil – Black
  • Molotow EF Paint Pen White


First, using a fluffy paintbrush (called a mop brush as it holds a lot of water), apply water to your canvas – don’t cover the entire surface!  For mine I wet around the letters and spread the water over some of the larger white areas.

BeYoutiful canvas 3

Next, take the sprayer off your bottle of Tiffany Lou Blue and using the same paintbrush, add drips of blue into the wet areas.  Flick a little over some of the dry spots as well.  Clean your brush and switch to Delphinium Turquoise, carefully drip some of this into the wet areas.  The Delphinium is a much stronger colour so be sparing with how much you add.  Your canvas should be wet enough for the colours to run – this is how you get amazing patterns.

BeYoutiful canvas 4

Next apply the Cowabunga Copper and the Tea Pot Purple in the same way, drip into the wet areas and lightly flick onto some of the dry areas.  You may want to leave more white space than I did – just add less colour 🙂

BeYoutiful canvas 5

While the surface is still dripping wet, sprinkle the rock salt (coarse crystals) onto the pools of liquid, use Frenchy’s Pink Pouf to add more liquid to any dryish areas (using water will dilute the colour).  Leave this somewhere flat until completely dry – overnight at least.

BeYoutiful canvas 6

On this particular surface I didn’t get the big patterns and results I’m used to, but the more subtle spots of colour and pattern were still beautiful and worth doing.

BeYoutiful canvas 8

Once completely dry, brush the salt off with a stiff paintbrush – don’t use your fingers as you might drag the shimmer over the white areas.  Use the Stabilo pencil to outline the letters and create a shadow, spread the colour from the pencil with a wet paintbrush.  Touch up the resist ‘You’ with white paint marker.

BeYoutiful canvas 7

My results looked like this, I love the contrast between the shiny gold, the white resist and the amazingly shimmery colours from the Lindy’s Stamp Gang Starbursts.

BeYoutiful canvas 10

Here’s the video tutorial for your enjoyment:
Back with more soon,

Kate Palmer

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3 thoughts on “Adding Color and Texture to a Resist Canvas using Lindy’s

  1. I just have to say it Kate…. this is BeYOUtiful!!! I sooooo love seeing Lindy’s on a canvas to hang on a wall – people are amazed when they see all the Lindy’s glitz and glam. This is soooo LOVELY and FUN. What a FABULOUS project and GREAT tutorial. Thanks bunches. j.

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