Lindy’s Magical Paper Flower Coloring Techniques

Hello dear friends!

Today we’d like to share some techniques with you, on how you can color paper flowers using Magicals.

From time to time we all seem to lack flowers of some color that we need for a particular project. But with Lindy’s products it’s not a problem at all! You can always dye any paper, or fabric flower you have, and get any color you need. Magicals are the perfect kind of medium for coloring flowers. You can take flowers of any size and shape, and color and transform them to what you want! It’s so much fun!

There are a few  ways  of coloring. First, you can just add some shade and shimmer to the initial flower color you choose

That’s what  our designer Elena Zemlyanskaya did with this blue paper lily. She just added some Azure Sea Asters to the edges of petals. You can still see some of initial flower color, but now it looks much more spectacular with blue and gold dye.If you have a white flower you can add absolutely any color to it. Remember that Magicals blend with each other perfectly! So you can mix them, and make beautiful shades. As an example we’ll show you how Elena dyed this white paper lily.

To start, she added some light pink to the middle of the flower with Salt Water Taffy Magical. Watercolor brushes are great to use with Magicals. They are so convenient when you need to blend colors.Next, she added some richer pink closer to the edges, using Ramblin’ Rose Pink MagicalAnd finally she added the darkest shade to the edges using Hibiscus rose MagicalColoring paper flowers is so much fun, it resembles watercoloring , and your flower will have a nice 3D gradient effect. You just need to remember to dry your flower after adding each color, to prevent the thin paper petals from getting soaked. But you can also pre-cover your flowers with white gesso — this will make petals more resistant to water, and the colors of Magicals will look brighter on it.

Elena used this flat flower as an example, covering it with gesso to start. Then she added some Pineapple Paradise Flat magical to the middle.As a second step, she added some Raspberry Lemonade Magical to the petals. The colors are so clean and bright!To make the color richer, she added some Hibiscus Rose Magical.And to outline the edges, she added some Salt Water Taffy Magical.You can leave the flower as it is now, or add some liner to it. Here are some more examples of what you can do to alter the flowers:And this is how Elena used the flowers in a project.Besides big flowers, she dyed some small paper flowers in yellow using Pineapple Paradise Magical. She also mixed some of this Magical with fiber paste to make the honeycomb texture. Magicals are truly versatile!The chipboard embellishments and button are covered with Lindy’s embossing powders from the July Color Challenge set:

Orbit Olive Gold

Bonjour Butter

Pumpkin Fiesta Orange

Madonna Robe Blue Gold

We hope you experiment with your Magicals, try some of these techniques, and that they will inspire you to take your flowers to the next level, and add some magic to your beautiful projects!

Enjoy creating!


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  1. Magicals are so aptly named…. they are so fun to use and the results always seem to be truly magical! Thanks bunches for another great project! j.

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