Lindy’s Embossed Modelling Paste Technique

Hello gang!

It’s technique time again! Today we are going to show you how to emboss modelling paste on your projects using Lindy’s embossing powders! All you need is the following:

  • your paper base (our designer Marta Turska-Grochocka used white cardstock)
  • gesso
  • modelling paste
  • a metal spatula
  • a mask of your choice
  • Lindy’s sprays and embossing powders
  • heat tool

1) Cover your paper base with gesso. Dry it with a heat gun.2) Get modelling paste, and mask, and start covering your base with the paste. The layer you lay down needs to be as thick as your mask, so later it can hold anything we want to layer on top of it (in this case Lindy’s Embossing Powder)

3) Remove the mask. Cover the wet modelling paste with embossing powder – Marta used Ghouly Goblin Green.

4) The pattern covered with embossing powder looks like this before it’s embossed….

5) …..and this after melting it on top of the paste.And that’s it! You’ve embossed your modelling paste! The texture is thicker than just using embossing ink alone, and the different 3D effects you can achieve depending on how thick or thin you apply the modeling paste are endless!

Below you can see another embossed modelling paste pattern right on the same base, using a different color of embossing powder (Hyancinth Blue Jade).

You can do whatever you want with your base now. You can leave it as is, or keep adding multiple layers of different embossed patterns and colors. You can add sprays, and any other medium you would like. Use it as the background of a card, a journaling page, a scrapbook layout….ohh the many  possibilities!

The textures you create are waterproof, and their color will not fade.

For this sample Marta used some Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays, colors from August color palette – Carribean Blue, Luscious Lime and French Lilac Violet, some back stamping, and image, and created this journal page.

As you can see, the area where the modelling paste was embossed has beautiful texture and color.

Just look at this amazing design – letters are very clear, they have sharp edges. When using this technique your layers will be clear and sharp.And they will have amazing colors too!


This technique is a great way to add some color and texture to your artwork.

Hope you give it a try! Have a wonderful day!

8 thoughts on “Lindy’s Embossed Modelling Paste Technique

  1. No, it just connects with embossing powder and it makes a solid layer 🙂 it dries and it creates a mix with embossing powder, it’s 3D and it’s hard and tough

  2. I’m fairly new to all this…. is the modelling paste melted with a heat gun in step four. Renate

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the creation of this page. I love how it has a three dimensional look. The colors, techniques and subject matter all go together so well. Awesome piece.

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