3D Canvas Tutorial by Elena Smoktunova

Hello dear friends!

With you Elena Smoktunova and today I’ll show you all about my newest canvas!

On a primed canvas, I glued a piece of chipboard, and added white gesso. I made the rest of the composition from flowers and some jewelry.

Everything is simple, but when I took my favourite sprays from Lindys Stamp Gang

Azure Sea Asters, Kissin’ Kenickie CoralCowabunga CopperDark Chocolate TruffleFuzzy Navel Peach and started playing, my canvas changed!

And of course I added my favorite: Magicals! I used the  Go Greased Lightnin’- FLAT MAGICAL set.

 Look at the beautiful colors!

Here, I used sprays, but I did something I like to do often with them, which is to not let them dry, and dilute them with water a little, for a softer look.

Love the watercolor look doing this creates on my backgrounds!

Check out my processed video below to see all the details coming together:
I hope to you enjoyed this canvas!

Lindys Stamp Gang products used:
Azure Sea Asters.


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