Wet Wipes Flowers Tutorial by Evgeniya Zakharova

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Evgeniya with you, and today I want to share with you how I alter wet wipe flowers using Lindy’s products. These flowers are made very quickly. Using various combinations of products, which make them completely unique flowers that fit with any of your projects.

I made a little video for you, in which I tried to show in detail the process of creating these flowers as well as several options for painting them.Please enjoy the video tutorial:


Below I’ll show you a few more flowers and what I did in detail.

For this  flower I used Ocean Breeze Blue. I spray painted the base of petals.

For this next one,  I painted the edge of the petals with spray Salt Water Taffy , and the base of the petals with magical Tea Pot Purple I painted around the edges of the petals at first with

I painted around the edges of the petals at first with Frenchy’s Pink Pouf and then added  embossing powder in the color Hollyhock Scarlet Plum for this next flower. For this flower, I added 2 layers of petals, as you can see in the picture.

I painted the base of petals of this next one with a Magical in Bonjour Butter.

Using just embossing powder in the color  Madonna Robe Blue Gold around the edges of the petals, I altered the flower below.

For the next, one I painted the edge of the petals with Bonjour Butter spray, and the base of the petals with the Magical in Tea Pot Purple. I love the look!

Finally, for this next flower I painted around the edges of the petals at first with the spray in Ramblin’ Rose Pink, and then I added some embossing powder in Poinsettia Red Gold.

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8 thoughts on “Wet Wipes Flowers Tutorial by Evgeniya Zakharova

  1. I don’t know if you’re still reading these comments? But, wanted to ask anyway! When you were spraying your petals, what were you spraying? You used two different sprayers, I didn’t understand what you were spraying, either time.

  2. Toh dear your flowers are so beautiful. I enjoyed so much seeing how you created them. You made some fabulous color combinations. And the stamens you used just made them perfect !
    Thank you so much for sharing and doing a video. It was such a great inspiration.
    Hugs from Monica… Spain

  3. Beautiful, these some look like the gorgeous velvety pansies, I love the vibrant and soft colors. So much detail, they have the natural characteristics of real flowers.

  4. Bravo!!!! This is a wonderful way to make flowers. Now I am raiding my grand-daughters baby wipes and giving it a try!!! Gorgeous Flowers..Gorgeous Color!!!

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