Using Modeling Paste and Sprays with Marta Lapkowska

Hello everyone,  It’s Marta Lapkowska here!
I am back to you with some fast, easy and my most favourite sprays technique.
Most of my projects will involve using sprays, modeling paste and stencil.

Simply create some background using your favourite stencil, and modeling paste.
After drying, start colouring your texture with colour.
As you can see, I add my colours with spray’s pipe, then I spray some water to move my splashes of color around.I hope you will enjoy the process of mixing colours… mixed sprays will create some new colour shades.
This is a very simple and basic technique. Ususally, I start my project with this background tip. Your next step is to add some embellishments, and you are all done.
I created a set of ATC’s. I hope you will like them!


Happy creating, Marta xx

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6 thoughts on “Using Modeling Paste and Sprays with Marta Lapkowska

  1. These are lovely Marta. YES… I like them BUNCHES!! I even have that stencil so you have inspired me to give this a go!!! My favorite one is the “UNIQUE” one – because – that describes YOU!!! Always love seeing your artwork. j.

  2. Wow! Really pretty cards!! Love that you made a large sheet and then cut it down. I always only decorate what I need at the time. Such a waste of time and materials. Thanks!

  3. Marta, this is a great tip – using the spray pipe to put down the color first. So many times the spray just seems to be too intense and not where you want it. Thanks for sharing!

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