Lindy’s grungy background technique!

Today’s quick technique is making this fabulous grungy background!

Our example background is done on an art journal, but can be done on many surfaces!
We apply white gesso with a thin layer on all surface.
After dry, spray generously with water…
Then start the spraying, first with Cowabunga Copper
Then it is a little Azure Sea Asters
Mop up any extra with a paper towel or napkin, (or don’t).
Add more colors like  Marigold Yellow Orange  French Lilac Violet
Either spray the color on or unscrew the lid & splatter drops from the tube.
Water down a little gesso and splatter on, or use Sidewalk Chalk.
Blend some Poinciana Red Flame with water, gesso or a medium of your choice
Dribble that on your page.

After everything dried put a little Clear Crackle Texture Paste

Try different colors! Experiment and see what you get!  You’ll be amazed!
You can leave it as is, or add more: a little heavy gesso through a stencil:
Then emboss through a mask Midnight Pewter  Morning Glory Azure
This background! WOW!
Now spritz with water and add a little more Cowabunga Copper
Now add elements to create a beautiful project, or leave it as is!
Thank you for joining us! Now go out there and start experimenting!

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