Transform chipboard 3 ways

We are transforming our chipboard in 3 different techniques.

Products used:
The Lindy’s products used in this demo are:
Azure Sea Asters                 Cowabunga Copper                  Edelweiss Moss Green                 Glory of the Seas Gold
azureseaasters__02994.1375200428.1280.1280 (1)cowabunga_copper_copy1__12913.1386768445.1280.1280edelweissmossgreen__43637.1375208342.1280.1280gloryoftheseasgold__74589
First technique:
Technique #1: Take raw chipboard and totally smear it with glue.
Put glitter on chipboard, shake off excess and let dry
Spray over chipboard with Azure Sea Asters: azureseaasters__02994.1375200428.1280.1280 (1)
After drying, the color becomes soft. You can repeat for more color.
Using brighter colors will stand out more, if you want to see more of the spray color.
Technique #2: Take raw chipboard…
Take a bright spray, in this case Cowabunga Copper mixed with white crackle paste! Look how nicely it colors the paste!
Apply to chipboard and watch it crackle! Wonderful!
Technique #3:  Take raw chipboard …
cover with glue and then glass beads.
Then spray it with softer colors:
Edelweiss Moss Green & Glory of the Seas Gold 


You can repeat the spraying to get more color, or use brighter colors.

Thank you for joining us! Hopefully you enjoyed our quick techniques for transforming chipboard!

Thank you for joining us today!


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