Coloring Shrink Plastic

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It’s Irina Gerschuk with you today and I’d like to share with you quick and easy technique on how to color your shrink plastic embellishments using Lindy’s sprays, magicals and embossing powder.
First of all, what is shrink plastic?)) It’s a piece of thick film which becomes smaller (but thicker) after heating. Here’s a piece of my shrink plastic which I started “playing” with:

And here’s the result I achieved using LSG products and a heat gun:

Here’s the back side of this leaves. It differs a little bit. As I applied magicals and sprays on the back side of shrink plastic you can see more shimmer here:

A few steps you need to follow to create such embellishments:
1. Take a piece of shrink plastic. Using die or just your scissors create any form you want to work with.
2. On the back side of shrink plastic (which is more rough) apply sprays or magicals. Mix them as in any other type of project you used to work.
3. Heat shrink plastic using your heat gun. Continue heating until it ceases to decrease.
4. Cool your embellishment (so it become firm) and apply some embossing powder randomly.
5. That’s it! Your shrink plastic embellishment is ready!

And here’s one more closer look to the shrink plastic itself:

I’ve also create a short video step-by-step on how to color your shrink plastic embellishments:

Products used in this tutorial:

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