Autumn Layout with Drop Dead Diva

Hey there Lindy’s Lovers!!! I am here to tell you that Drop Dead Diva is drop dead gorgeous!! I had to use is once again for my second post this month. I concentrated on the purples in my last post, and this time I used all of the colors in the set. I think that they are simply beautiful!! I created this Autumn layout dreaming of the colors I oh so love, when leaf peeping up north. The technique I used really turned down the brightness of the colors. Read on to find out how I did it. I created some rolled roses for my simple flowers. After I cut out the spirals, I placed them on a non stick craft mat, misted them very lightly with water, then sprayed both sides with color. While they were still wet, I swirled them through the left over spray on the mat until all color was soaked up and the spiral cutouts were fully saturated with color. I did one color at a time using 3 of the colors in the set. Drop Dead Gorgeous Green, Prima Donna Purple,  and Sassy Sapphire Starburst Sprays.  

For the leaves, I used a technique I learned from Lynne Woolgar for Lindys a while back. Except I added my own twist. Check out this tutorial. Fall Pumpkin. I painted the just the backs of silk autumn leaves using white gesso. Once they were dried, I sprayed the fronts of the leaves using the starburst sprays just like Lynne did. The twist, is I wanted to add a golden shimmer to the leaves and flowers, So I  sprayed them with Grab a Guy Gold Starburst spray for a rich golden shimmer.  The gold settled into the veins of the leaves beautifully.

You can see how the gold starburst spray tones down the brightness of the colors and adds a beautiful golden hue to the layout. I even sprayed the outer parts of the layout with Grab a Guy Gold once the layout was complete.

I sprayed some cheese cloth with  Prima Donna Purple and Sassy Sapphire, and added it to the back of the photo and around some of the spiral roses.

I used  Sassy Sapphire embossing powder on the Dusty Attic chipboard circle behind the photo. I printed up some butterflies on white card stock, then after I cut them out I painted them with Prima Donna Purple Magicals diluted in a bit of water so the color was not intense. I wanted more of a a water color effect. Then adding a little bit of Grab A Guy Gold Starburst Spray finished them beautifully.

I used Drop Dead Gorgeous Green embossing powder on the Dusty Attic LOVE chipboard piece.

Limor Webber does it once again for Lindys Stamp Gang. The Drop Dead Diva color set is one of her best creations. The colors are simply stunning.  Join us this month for the October Color Challenge and create a little magic of your own.

And visit the Lindy’s Stamp Gang Store for all of your Drop Dead Diva color needs. Until next time…Put a little Lindy’s color into your world.You won’t be disappointed!!

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  1. Lisa,
    Your page is so very, very gorgeous! I love your design – around pretty Ms. Charlotte Rose! Your flowers are lovely and the technique on the leaves is awesome – and the hints of gold are lovely.

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