Unique Altered Canvas Project!

Hi everyone,

It’s Marta Lapkowska here.
Did you know that you can spray on wood ? Today’s project will prove that you don’t need many art supplies to create some great looking pieces.To start with I used recycled small wooden pieces which you can find attached to the back on every new canvas. I find those elements very handy and cheap way to get some cool embellishments.

My first step was to stick few wooden bits on the back on my mini canvas.
My next step was to add some string and modeling paste.

As my focus point I added Archival Cast Heart from Prima in the centre of my canvas.
When everything was dry I started spraying my piece.

I used Neon Graffitti set. This set become my very favorite and must have set.

Here are few more photos:

Have a great creative day !

Marta xx


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