Magicals make Gelli Plate Printing Magical!

Hi there, Natalie here and today I thought I’d try something new – well new to me anyway!

I’m a big fan of my Gelli Plate – I love printmaking and the process of creating my own papers.  So I thought I’d give the Magicals a go from the new Drop Dead Diva set and see what happened.  I tried a couple of different techniques just to see what results I’d get.

I used an Acrylic Painting Medium to start and accidentally poured too much on my plate – so I decided to just go with it – I used a brush to spread it around then sprinkled on some Magicals, (which are powdered dye based pigments).

I used my brayer to roll it through and spread the pigment – at this point it was obvious I had too much liquid on my plate LOL…

The paper took the color beautifully but it was a little intense and very wet but the remaining liquid left on the plate gave a much better print! (I used paper taken from my album inserts)

For the next print, I sprinkled on the Magicals powder first with a fan brush then added a drop or two of the Acrylic Painting Medium .. this worked much better and I love the results!

Layering a few different prints just looks amazing and although the photos don’t show it, the shimmer is just DIVINE!

Once the prints were all dry, I used them to create a patchwork background for this page of Trina and I!

 I used the GORGEOUS October Drop Dead Diva Magicals set – another fave for me!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Natalie May

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