Glorious, gorgeous GREEN!

Hello everyone!

It’s Tanya and I’m bringing some green inspiration for you.  In today’s project I used few green tones of Magicals and Sprays which will help you see the difference between those greens.   I mixed Magicals with Gesso, Texture Paste and Texture Sand. We will have a beautiful green tag as a result.

Let’s get started.

For my project I picked these SPRAYS:

Edelweiss Moss Green

Sea Mint Green

Greased Lightnin’ Green 

And these MAGICALS:

Drop Dear Gorgeous Green

Sea Mint Green

Ponderosa Pines Olive

Begin with mixing some Magicals‘ pigment with Gesso

Here’s how Gesso looks after I’ve spread it on my paper and mixed with other colours.

Now mix some Magicals with Texture Paste.

And add on the paper mixing different color tones.

And now time to mix some Magicals with Texture Sand Paste and also add it onto our tag.

Add some sprays onto a pice of white cardstock. Add them one by one – from darker to lighter – this way you’ll get a pretty mix of tones, where one tone mixes into another.

Die cut some butterflies out of the colored cardstock and adhere them onto your green tag.

Wishing you lots of inspiration!
Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Glorious, gorgeous GREEN!

  1. Love this idea … Can’t wait to try mixing colors in to gesso…..thanks for the inspiration

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