Bring your backgrounds to life!

Hi gang! Elena here with you today with a new background technique I would like to share. This is really simple, but will make an amazing background for your projects!

I start with A5 size piece of paper, adding some embossed stamping to it first using Gilded Burgundy Brass embossing powder.

Now I take three colors of Magicals that match our November palette: Greased Lightin’ Green, Canna Lily Burnt Orange and Glory of the Seas GoldTake a dry brush and scatter the magicals here and there, all over the paper. Canna Lily Burnt Orange first:Then add Glory of the Seas Gold:And some Greased Lightin’ Green:

And now – the most fantasic step – sprinkle the water all over the paper. They are called MAGICALS for a reason, aren’t they? 🙂

And dry the paper with the heat tool. The colors are mixed and fused together, looking just gorgeous as a result!

I cut my background into two pieces and made two cards, also adding some drops of sprays from November set:
Greased Lightin’ Green
Canna Lily Burnt Orange
Golden Sleigh Bells

Some close-ups of my cards:

Products used in this project:

Magicals: Greased Lightin’ Green, Canna Lily Burnt Orange and Glory of the Seas Gold

Sprays: Greased Lightin’ Green, Canna Lily Burnt Orange, Golden Sleigh Bells from our

November Color Challenge Palette: 2015- novemberNov2015MEGAset

Hope you will enjoy playing with this technique and discover your own fantastic mixes of colors!



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