Layered color background!

Today’s technique is creating layers of color for a stunning background.  Created by our former designer Stephanie Papin.

supplies used for this project  :
-Afternoon Delight Denim
-I am Late, I am Late Slate
– Whale Watch Blue (Magicals)
1. Begin with a paper collage, (just cut pieces of paper arranged in overlapping patterns of your choice), then apply a coat of gel medium. The gel medium “waterproofs” the project so you can remove layers if you don’t like them, without affecting the paper collage
2.  Apply a coat of gesso with a rigid card.
3. Apply multiple layers of Lindy’s sprays, making sure to dry each color as you go with a heat gun. This is where the MAGIC happens as you let some layers blend, (don’t dry them all the way) and some remain true.  Pushing down on the sprayer at different pressures creates different textures as well.
4. Add embellishments to finish the project
Here are close ups of the piece so you can see all the layers of colors.

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